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Smile Pano2VR Pro 5.2.2 Multilingual (Win/Mac)

Windows x86/x64 / macOS 10.7.1 or later | Multilingual | File Size: 279.05 MB | 126.54 MB

Pano2VR allows you to publish your panoramic images within minutes. No matter what type of project you're working on, whether, a gigapixel panorama or virtual tours with hundreds of nodes, Pano2VR will help you to quickly get your project up and running on the desktop as well as mobile devices.

Improve your images.
Sometimes panoramas are not level and have unwanted happens. Straightening the horizon and removing the tripod from the panorama can be accomplished with a few simple clicks.

Build a Virtual Tour.
No matter how large the tour, Pano2VR Pro can help you quickly and easily put it together with automatic linking, filtering, master node editing and a built-in Tour Map.

Enhance the experience.
Add interactive elements like hotspots, directional sound and video to your panoramas. Use the powerful Skin Editor to design custom buttons and controllers - all of which can be made responsive so the design fits to any screen. No coding required. We promise!

Seamlessly change projections.
Easily reproject spherical panoramas during viewing or open a panorama from a little planet view to a rectilinear view on opening or create a standard format video that moves through different projections.

Reveal the highlights.
Guide viewers by creating an animation path through your panoramas or tour to show off the best areas. At any time, the viewer can interact and explore further. You can even export this walk-through as a video file.

Contribute to Google Street View.
Pano2VR offers an easy way to add and edit existing panoramas and tours to Google Street View. Once you've connected your account, you will see all tours and panoramas that you've uploaded to Google Street View. You can continue to add to your gallery or even download the existing images.

Show your work.
Export your panoramas as HTML5, Flash or QuickTime VR formats or use our handy plugins to post them directly to your Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal site. Pano2VR will also help you to transform your images into different projections for printing.

What's New in 5.2
Pano2VR 5.2 features a lot of changes to make it ready as a desktop publisher for Google Street View.

Google Street View Export
In April 2017, Google retired its desktop Street View editor and selected a few developers to take over the desktop publishing to Google Street View using their API. We were one of the selected few. In Pano2VR 5.2 we introduced the Google Street View Panel where you can upload panoramas and tours directly to Google Street View from within Pano2VR. Not only can you upload and download panoramas, but you can also browse panoramas and tours from directly within Pano2VR using the Street View Browser.

Tour Map
You can now link panoramas together in the Tour Map and it will now display the linking between the panoramas. Also, there are labels on the location markers making it easier to identify the panoramas in the map with the ones in the Tour Browser. By default the labels feature is turned off. To turn it on, go to Pano2VR Preferences or Settings → Advanced → Show map labels in tour browser and map.

Setting North
Setting North is now easier. Set North by pressing N and dragging the panorama to achieve the correct heading. If you have connected hotspots in Pano2VR Pro, you will see a thumbnail of that panorama to help guide placement.

In the Hotspot Properties panel, there is a new option called, Auto Place. When this is selected, the hotspot is automatically positioned in the correct location of the linked panorama. The hotspots will also use placeholders for the image's Title. This way, if the image's title changes, all linked hotspots to that image will have the title changed accordingly (rather than having to manually change each hotspots title).

Patches can now be used to blur faces and license plates. This is especially helpful for those uploading to Google Street View. There is also a new nadir patch called Blurred Cover.

More Features
- There is a new keyboard shortcut in the Skin Editor for quickly generating an output.
- Mac: Option-Command-G. Windows: Alt-Control-G
- There are two new zoom options for the Skin Editor's Canvas. Zoom to Fit and Zoom 100%
- There is a setting to limit the image size when uploading to Google Street View. This means images don't have to be resized before bringing them in to Pano2VR. The current suggested upload size to Google Street View is 12000x6000.
- Hit Z on the keyboard to spin the panorama 180º.
- Copy North to all nodes in the User Data panel.
- Set transitions in the skin for more control over transitions.
- Remove All Links option added to the Tour menu and Tour Map for quickly clear all linking.

New in Version 5.2.2:
- Image download could get stuck if there was no interaction
- Fix for large Street View accounts with > 10.000 photos
- The Street View Browser now merges tours with the same PlaceID, but no connections
- Improved gyro script to avoid an "upside down" bug on Android.

System Requirements:
- Microsoft Windows Vista or higher
- Mac OS 10.7.1 or higher



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